The Story of Fyre®

We at Fyre® understand and appreciate the fact that people need energy and alertness to do more, so they can accomplish their dreams and aspirations, and also of their loved ones. Doing more and regularly doing more than usual needs energy and alertness. Fyre®Energy is conceptualized and developed to fulfil the functional energy needs of hardworking Indians. Fyre®Energy products help people stay energetic and alert to do more than usual!

The Fyre® Promise

Fyre® Energy products are: 1. Functional – they give you the energy and alertness you need with just the right mix of vitalizing ingredients and nothing else. No added sugar, no extra calories. 2. Economical - using Fyre®products to be energized and alert won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Fyre® Innovations

Fyre® Energy products are innovative in terms of formulations and packing. In addition to ensuring that our products are effective, we’ve paid special attention and packaged them so they are easy to carry, convenient to use. Ranging from the ready-to-drink energy shots to India’s first caffeinated, make-your-own energy drink-mix to the one-of-its-kind single use sachets in Fyre® Pro products, we have it all and have filed for patents too!

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